challenging religious privilege in public life


Will science and progress make Christianity irrelevant in the 21st century?

The antithesis of the Bible is Western ideology: the scientific method, upon which the other part of modern humanity’s culture was built upon.

Stop Aging!

It is an absolute certainty that eventually humanity will conquer aging, just as it has conquered a host of previously terminal diseases.

A Glimpse into a Possible Future

As with everything in life, our path forward requires balance: enabling the good, while mitigating the risk of unintended consequences.

A Blueprint for Coexistence with AI

Love is what is missing from machines. That's why we must pair up with them, to leaven their powers with what only we can provide.

Transhumanism and Religion

Today the comfort provided by archaic religious superstitions impedes advancement and therefore should be set aside.

Acting Before It’s Necessary: An Interstellar Lesson for Our Future

We need to keep exploring our universe, pursue things that are meaningful, and rewrite the operating system of life.

Technology vs Humanity – the Future is already here (VIDEO)

We are facing exponential change. This could be heaven – or it could be hell; all depends on how we collaborate, going forward.

Transhumanism and Our Outdated Biology

Compared to humans, rats have better noses for smelling. Pigeons have sharper eyes for seeing. Humans are only best at reasoning.

We Need “Strategically Unprecedented Moves,” From AI

The reality is that we need AI to successfully navigate the fast-charging future which is way too complex for us or our institutions to handle.

On Human and AI Ethics

AGIs will help us improve our morality. Their intelligence will help us discover the best principles to live by, and the best goals to pursue.