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Stop Writing Dystopian Sci-Fi — It’s Making Us All Fear Technology

Artificial intelligence, longevity therapy, biotechnology, nuclear energy - it is in our power to create a brilliant world.

Who’s Afraid Of Superhumanity?

It doesn’t matter how many superpeople there are. A world with any superpeople in it is a better world. But is this the future?

Artificial intelligence And Algocracy

Arguments about which decisions should be made by machines are going to become increasingly vehement. Things are getting weird.

Startling progress in brain simulation

Brain simulation is the idea of imitating and hopefully emulating the natural brains connections and processes using a computer-based model.

Superintelligence: a balanced approach

If artificial intelligence begets superintelligence it will present humanity with an extraordinary challenge – and we must succeed.

Taking over from evolution: how technology could enhance humanity

The 21st century and beyond promises an array of novel methods for enhancing human cognition.

Five ways the superintelligence revolution might happen

Assuming that scientific progress continues, human-level machine intelligence is very likely to be developed. And shortly thereafter, superintelligence.

What will humans look like in 100 years?

It is actually unethical not to evolve the human body even though it can be scary, even though it can be challenging.

Linking brains to computers: how new implants are helping us achieve this goal

It is important that we continue to push the boundaries of modern science to give medical professionals the best possible tools to do their jobs.

Should We Edit Human Genes? What You Need to Know

Some believe that the cautious consensus around therapeutic gene editing may be too cautious.