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How AI can save our humanity (VIDEO)

In a visionary talk, Kai-Fu Lee shares a blueprint for how humans can thrive in the age of AI by harnessing compassion and creativity.

Technology vs Humanity – the Future is already here (VIDEO)

We are facing exponential change. This could be heaven – or it could be hell; all depends on how we collaborate, going forward.

A Blueprint for Coexistence with AI

Love is what is missing from machines. That's why we must pair up with them, to leaven their powers with what only we can provide.

The Human Promise of the AI Revolution

To have any chance of forging a better future, we must first understand the economic gauntlet that we are about to pass through.

The Four Waves of A.I.

When it comes to AI, it's incumbent upon us to understand its monumental impact, widespread benefits, and serious challenges.

Automation will force us to realize that we are not defined by what we do

Yes, we will lose jobs  –  but AI will liberate us from routine work and push us to become more human, not less.

We Are Here To Create

We’re all going to face a very challenging next fifteen or twenty years, when half of the jobs are going to be replaced by machines.

Five and a Half Utopias

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Weinberg looks at several of the guises in which utopian thinking is likely to appear during the century ahead.

Dots in a Complex System are Connecting Rapidly

The number of potentially valuable building blocks is exploding around the world, and the possibilities are multiplying like never before.

How will we Interact in the Future?

Science and technology are converging in a way that makes even the most ridiculous sounding scenario viable - and at great speed.