challenging religious privilege in public life

Within a decade, we will reach the so-called singularity – the point in time when machines will equal and then surpass human brain power.

Unlocking the ability to attain indefinite lifespans is within reach, it would be fatuous not to stretch out and take it.

Accelerating aging research that extends healthy productive lifespans seems to be in everyone's best interests.

With the arrival of superintelligent AI, achieving practical immortality for the majority of people will become feasible.

Everything we do, we do in the face of death. It is death who makes an estimation of our lives. That estimation is always zero.

It is an absolute certainty that eventually humanity will conquer aging, just as it has conquered a host of previously terminal diseases.

How much time is left until a global life extension project? Three years tops. Crypto-neuro-biohacking will save the world, it is already obvious.

There is little reluctance to consider implants for somebody who is paralysed or has lost a limb. So what about implants in normal people?

Future success depends upon our ability to not confront our future biases but to actively embrace uncertainty.

The reality is that we need AI to successfully navigate the fast-charging future which is way too complex for us or our institutions to handle.