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Scientists Use Stem Cells to Create the World’s First Living Robots

“These are entirely new lifeforms. They have never before existed on Earth. They are living, programmable organisms.”

Genetic screening to enhance IQ should be embraced

There could be a way of predicting – and preventing – which children will go on to have low intelligence.

Should We Use Genetic Technology to Boost Human Intelligence?

Gene editing and embryo selection still elicit a good deal of resistance. But in the next decades, humanity will need highly-intelligent visionaries.

Why can’t we solve humanity’s biggest problems?

We have the power to change our cards and to make the world a great place for ourselves, our families, and for everyone else.

How Should Humanity Steer the Future? The Leverage and Centrality of Mind

Human minds as they currently exist are not capable of effecting our most desirable present and future.

Our Genetically Engineered Future Is Closer Than You Think

Our best shared values can help us navigate the almost unimaginable opportunities and very real challenges that lie ahead.

Artificial Intelligence And Our Economic And Technology Singularity

Human routine tasks will disappear first, other professions will follow: secretaries, doctors, attorneys, financiers, teachers, etc.

Artificial Intelligence Will Change Everything

Of all the things which are candidates for the "next big thing", I have no doubts about what will be the biggest: artificial intelligence.

AI, Robots, Automation and You

Aside from burger flipping, how many specific jobs have you heard people talk about robots replacing people?

Mechanics of Synthesizing the Human Genome: How it will happen

In May 2016, a group of scientists met to plan HGP-write, a project designed to create an entire functioning human genome out of chemicals.