challenging religious privilege in public life

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Democrat hopefuls understand climate change, but not population limits

Perhaps before being too late to fix, our leaders around the world may come to their senses. Is that too optimistic? Hope not.

Cancerous growth in human numbers is paralleled by human excess in all sectors of human behavior

Limits! Something our finite planet’s inhabitants are constantly ignoring by adding human numbers who can’t be taken care of!

The Continuing Crash of Religion; What Takes Its Place?

The core values of human behaviour come not from religion but from common sense about living together without violence and hatred.

Why do nations idiotically add people when birth control is cheaper than growth for growth’s sake?

There is a lack of broad public understanding that explosive population growth will increasingly affect our capacity to survive as a species.

How Truly Believing Are The Leaders Of The Roman Catholic Church?

What about those who still serve? Religious cynicism and indifference could have helped pave the way to the Church's current troubles.

Overpopulation Looming Planetary Disaster Outranks All Other Issues

The mention of the primary driver of our growing global pain, population growth, gets virtually no mention.

Early or Late, Abortion Should Always Be a Woman’s Choice

From the state level to federal policy, Republicans have managed to pass restrictions on reproductive health and its funding.

Talk About Over Population Growth Will Not Be Ignored For Much Longer

The evident follies of today’s religionists or dictators are now blasted onto our visual screens daily. We know the future if we do not act.

Has the population bomb already exploded? Human survival: a drama in four acts?

Can exposure to rapid education enable enough changes in human behaviour to allow the survival of human life on Planet Earth?

Organized Religions Are Organized To Control Their Laities’ Lives

It is clear from the historical record that organized religions are focused on keeping their recipients in intellectual and material bondage.