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Healthy Life Extension

When I mention to an audience that the first person to live to 200 has already been born – it gets quite the reaction.

Why it’s time to think of aging as an illness

Considering aging a disease or a medical condition is actually important because at stake is government approval for anti-aging drug trials.

The Curse of Aging

Unlocking the ability to attain indefinite lifespans is within reach, it would be fatuous not to stretch out and take it.

13 Reasons Why We Will Live Longer Than Our Parents

Accelerating aging research that extends healthy productive lifespans seems to be in everyone's best interests.

Who said you have a future?

Everything we do, we do in the face of death. It is death who makes an estimation of our lives. That estimation is always zero.

Stop Aging!

It is an absolute certainty that eventually humanity will conquer aging, just as it has conquered a host of previously terminal diseases.

Are there any obstacles to a global life extension project?

How much time is left until a global life extension project? Three years tops. Crypto-neuro-biohacking will save the world, it is already obvious.

Death is an Ultimate Evil

Death is one of the worst fates that can befall us, despite the consolations offered by the deathists – the lovers of death.

How will religious institutions cope with technological immortality?

If uploading one’s mind becomes an option, there will be denial and rejection. But eventually, religious institutions will have to come around.

Transhumanism – How Science Will Make Us Immortal

The opponents of progress may have legitimate fears about future technologies, or they may be guided by ignorance and irrationality.