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Scientists can reverse ageing in mice. The goal is to do the same for humans

Using proteins that can turn an adult cell into a stem cell, researchers have reset ageing cells in mice to earlier versions of themselves.

The role of Artificial Intelligence in extending health span

Part of the reason for the change in attitudes towards aging is the application of modern artificial intelligence techniques to healthcare.

Altos Labs and the quest for immortality: but can we live longer right now?

Combining rapamycin with other modalities may let us live long enough to benefit from future discoveries in cellular reprogramming.

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We have made unprecedented progress in understanding the fundamental mechanisms that control ageing and late-life disease.

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Over the last decade, a quiet research revolution has occurred in our understanding of the biology of ageing.

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While most of us can expect to live to around 80, some people defy expectations and live to be over 100.

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Jeff Bezos is on a mission to conquer ageing. So what does science really say about this? Could we beat ageing?

Arguing that Life Extension is Not a Priority

Arguing that other issues should get priority over tackling aging is an all-too-common reason for not developing life extension technology.

Scientists turn the clock back on human skin cells by 30 years

People could eventually be able to turn the clock back on the cell-ageing process by 30 years, according to researchers.