challenging religious privilege in public life

Maarten Boudry


Disbelief in Belief

If you find yourself doubting whether anyone genuinely believes in an afterlife with 72 bashful virgins, you are a disbeliever in belief.

Open Letter to Liberal Muslims

If you rely on the divine authority of the Quran for condemning ISIS, you are granting the basic premise of those whom you attack.

Is religion a stumbling block to integration?

Religion constitutes a stumbling block to integration. By this I mean: integration in our modern, secular, liberal, democratic order.

Abolish the Freedom of Religion!

Why? All freedoms to which religious believers are entitled are already secured in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Where are all the ex-Muslims?

Harsh punishments await those who abandon the group: traitors are ostracized, shunned and tarred even by family members and friends.