challenging religious privilege in public life



God’s not quite dead but wealth, education and evolution have inflicted fatal wounds

If our environment continues to improve, then Christianity and other moralising religions could eventually vanish.

5 Lies About Abortion – and the Truth Behind Them

To win the rhetoric war, the left must continue to push back against the right’s lies. Forced birthers have never cared about human lives.

The Appalling Awfulness of Religious Hypocrisy

Religion was supposed to make people feel calmer and better about life. Instead religion is leading to the destruction of humans.

Religion Screws Society!

In the US, most God-fearing Jesus Jumpers claim to be experts on morality, and desire to inflict their views on others through legislation.

Women Have Fought to Legalize Reproductive Rights for Nearly Two Centuries

Women beginning in the 1840s openly deplored women’s subjugation before the law - which, of course, was created and deployed by men.

How socialism helped to seed the landscape of modern religion

Early socialists sought to create a ‘synthesis’ of religion, science and philosophy to counter the Enlightenment.

Respect “The Population Bomb”

Some people feel that our planet has unlimited resources, and that our greatest resource is people - thus, the more humans, the better.

Let’s be clear: There is no moderate position among Republicans who would force women to give birth

There is nothing moderate about telling any woman that she has to give up her body to the demands of the state.

The Catholic Church is a rich male collective

The Catholic Church is a collection of elite patriarchs brought into formal power by actions of the Roman Emperors Constantine and Theodosius.

‘Ominous’ UN Report Warns Human Activity Has Pushed One Million Plant and Animal Species to Brink of Extinction

On land, in the seas, in the sky, the devastating impact of humans on nature is laid bare in a compelling UN report.