challenging religious privilege in public life



Abortion: There Is No Ethical Dilemma

The onset of a defined human life appears to be when foetal brain activity begins to exhibit regular and sustained activity.

Combat Overpopulation Denial

We can already see the effects of overpopulation and overconsumption. Perhaps most evident is climate change.

Kavanaugh calls contraception ‘abortion-inducing’ – just like anti-choice groups who support him do

Kavanaugh referred to birth control as an ‘abortion-inducing drug,’ which is not just flat-out wrong, but is anti-woman, anti-science propaganda.

Mississippi pastor-turned-teacher tells history class that atheists are fools for not believing in God

A Mississippi public school teacher blatantly violated the religious liberty of his students by trying to indoctrinate them by insulting atheists.

The absurdity of religion

Over the last few centuries it has become increasingly obvious that science provided a path to enlightenment and superstition was a dead-end.

Meet the Superstar Prophet Who Can Walk on Air, Cure HIV and Put ‘Miracle Money’ in Your Pocket

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is famous for walking on air, curing virtually any disease or disability and even communicating with angels.

Christianity’s Pagan Borrowings

Central to Christianity is the death and resurrection in three days of Jesus. Yet the resurrection of a god is hardly unique to Christianity.

Why We Must Talk About Population

Reducing the global population is essential - along with reducing overall consumption and the use of unsustainable technologies.

Tenn. pastor: Imprison women for abortions because that’s what we do to bald eagle murderers

Tennessee Pastor Ben Bailey thinks abortions should result in fines and imprisonment, just like the killing of endangered species does.

Trump Judicial Nominee: Transgender Children Are Part Of ‘Satan’s Plan’ Of ‘Destruction’

Jeff Mateer, who has been nominated by Donald Trump for a federal judgeship, called transgender children part of “Satan’s plan”.