challenging religious privilege in public life



Soul Doesn’t Exist And The Answer Lies In Consciousness

People who don’t believe in souls or afterlife are often asked this question. What happens when we die and where does the soul go?

Are religious people more moral?

No matter how we define morality, religious people do not behave more morally than atheists, although they often say that they do.

Women have ‘quarter of brain’ says Saudi cleric

A senior Saudi cleric has has come under fire for saying that women don’t deserve to drive because they only have a quarter of a…

Christian Right Leaders: God Turned Houston Into a Lake Because of Abortion and Gays

One of the sure things when a disaster strikes is that religious right leaders will open their mouths, stick in their feet, and jam them…

3 Signs Christianity is Mythology

I challenge every Christian to explain how Christianity is more credible than all the other mythologies throughout history.

Protect Children From the Bible

When we examine these purported "holy books", we see they all fall far short of any type of true meaningful morality.

Okay, I had to admit – religion is just too absurd

I had a student who admitted in class that she did not want to question her beliefs because she was afraid of what she’d discover.

10 ways Christianity ruins society

Children who are raised their entire life on vague, contradictory, arbitrary rules grow up into adults with a warped perception of reality.

14 Problems with Christianity

To my now liberated mind, Original Sin is precisely why Christians are told to never ever question god. The doctrine is so unjust and unreasonable.

Demolishing the historicity of Jesus – A History

For more than 200 years a minority of courageous scholars have dared to question the story of Jesus, despite many risks.