challenging religious privilege in public life

El Salvador - one of five countries where abortion is illegal in all circumstances - has imprisoned dozens of young women for murder.

In its zeal to stamp out communism, the Vatican set up alliances during WWII with various secret societies, fascist groups and spying agencies.

Up until 1998, the law in El Salvador permitted abortions in cases of rape, incest or in which the health of the woman was threatened.

The Catholic Church is dominionist by deed. ‘Christian Dominion’ is most easily described as the ‘rule of God’s law’ trumps the ‘rule of secular law’.

The Vatican acts in part, often soundlessly and most effectively, through a relatively small number of Americans who give the Church their loyalty.

Three cardinals have emerged as the most powerful in Francis' papacy; all have close ties to Opus Dei. Two now control Vatican finance.

Opus Dei is arguably the most powerful and virulent exponent of the fundamentalist religious fervor sweeping the globe; only this time it's Catholic...

Opus Dei (Latin for “the Work of God”) is one of the most conservative orders in the Catholic church. Founded in Spain, Opus Dei is…

What we are seeing today in the fight over birth control is a revival of a very old, and very dangerous kind of Catholicism.

Since 1949, members of Opus Dei have been expanding Josemaria Escriva’s Empire in the United States. Attached is a list of Opus Dei-affiliated foundations.