challenging religious privilege in public life

Pascal Bruckner


Self-Hatred in Europe

The whole world hates us, and we deserve it: that is what most Western Europeans think. The continent is obsessed by torments of repentance.

Europe’s Thirst For Punishment

Poor Europe: today as before, a stench of carrion rises from it, its past adheres to its present like a leprous mold.

The False Quarrel over Islamophobia

To avoid incurring any blame, in the 1970s fundamentalism invented the term “Islamophobia,” which was supposed to parallel xenophobia.

The Self-Flagellants of the Western World

Relatively speaking, the mentality of accusation still subsists in our reflex to spontaneously blame ourselves for the planet’s ills.

Defending Ayaan Hirsi Ali against her detractors

It is astonishing that an important segment Europe’s intelligentsia is engaged in slandering the friends of democracy.