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Political Christianity has killed biblical Jesus and replaced him with the Fascochrist

If you judge evangelicals by their deeds, their "values" are greed, dishonesty, discrimination, cruelty, sadism, and fearmongering.

Jan. 6 hearings reveal how easily millions of Christians were conned – and why they won’t stop believing in Trump

Many putatively religious people in the regime of white evangelical Christianity cleave very closely to the Big Lie.

Americans Increasingly Ignore Their Church and Support Same Sex Marriage

Public support for legal same-sex marriage in the US reaches a new high of 71%, a new survey released this month shows.

Poland Establishes ‘Terrifying’ Pregnancy Register After Banning Almost All Abortions

The government database tracking people’s pregnancies will be used to prosecute women who obtain an abortion.

White evangelicals are a political curse

Currently, white evangelicals are the heart of the Republican Party, giving it at least three-fourths of their vote.

Leonard Leo, Opus Dei and the Radical Catholic Takeover of the Supreme Court

Leonard Leo has put five justices on the Supreme Court: Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch, Sam Alito, and John Roberts.

Texas librarian fired for not pulling books off the shelves in banned book purge

The movement to ban books about race, gender and sexuality has gained steam from Republican politicians.

Pat Robertson says Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine Was Compelled by God to Speed Up the End-Times

Televangelist Pat Robertson claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin was "compelled by God" in his decision to invade Ukraine.

Will the Christian Right’s love affair with Putin be wrecked by his invasion of Ukraine?

Over the past few decades, America’s Christian Right has viewed Russia’s Putin as a culture war ally; a defender of the faith.

A significant majority of young Americans don’t want creationism taught in US public schools

Those with degrees, higher incomes, not identifying as born-again Christian, and Democrats favour schools teaching evolution.