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Seven Mountains: Evangelical Christians Hope To Control Society

The primary goal is to eliminate all secular structures of society and adopt a 100% Christian perspective in all manners.

Ten Religious Right Myths About Church-State Separation – And Why They Are Wrong

Over the years, Religious Right groups have constructed an entire false narrative to compete with the real story of religious freedom in America.

Just As We Suspected: Plenty Of Child P*rn Found At The Vatican

Child sex abuse scandals have long plagued the Roman Catholic Church. Despite (supposed) efforts to clean up the problem, it still persists.

“Man can’t change climate,” only God can, says Senate chair of Environment & Public Works

Senator James Inhofe believes that climate may be changing but that it has absolutely nothing to do with human activity like burning fossil fuels.

Astrophysicist Writes Brutal Response To WSJ Article Claiming Science Has Proven God Exists

One person who is fed up with this kind of pseudoscientific contrived nonsense is Lawrence Krauss, a world-renown theoretical physicist.

An Arizona Professor Is Being Mobbed By Christian Conservatives For Daring To Show This Slide In Class

A biology teacher who describes himself as “an open-minded skeptic” opened a discussion on evolution versus creationism with an image...

Pat Robertson Calls For Establishing Biblical Law As The Law Of The Land

During his 700 Club program Pat Robertson has called for replacing the Constitution with the Bible as the law of the land.

Rick Perry: Inequality Not a Problem Because Bible Predicts Poor People

Outgoing Texas Gov. Rick Perry shrugged off wealth inequality, saying the Bible showed poverty could never be eliminated.

Bill Donohue: Atheists Are Unhappy, Die Early, and Are Disproportionately Insane

Donohue added that he was only talking about the “militant” atheists… like the folks at American Atheists who put up billboards.

Rick Santorum: Separation Of Church And State A Communist Idea, Not An American One

Rick Santorum disputes the existence of the separation of church and state in the U.S. Constitution, dismissing it as a Communist idea.