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Walmart Pharmacist Refuses To Fill Prescription For Miscarriage Patient Citing ‘Conscience Clause’

Walmart seems more concerned about the rights of its pharmacists than it does on its customers having access to the medicine they need.

Frank Zappa Warned Us Of A Fascist Theocracy In 1986 (VIDEO)

In 1986, Frank Zappa engaged in a fiery debate about censorship based on religious morality in this classic clip from CNN’s “Crossfire”.

The Founders Versus The Christian Right: Quotes In Support Of The Separation Of Church And State

Christian fundamentalists seek to crush the separation of church and state in the hopes of establishing Christianity as the state religion.

‘How To Make Your Wife Submit To Your Authority’: Christian Blog Teaches Men To Dominate Their Wives

An American Christian missionary blog post entitled “How To Make Your Wife Submit To Your Authority – 6 Tips” has gone viral worldwide.

Kansas Governor Claims Forcing Pregnancy Upon Women Is Good For The Economy

The cost of having children is high, but Kansas Governor Sam Brownback insists that forcing women to have babies is good for the economy.

America’s Longstanding History of Anti-Intellectualism and the Current War on Reason

Blame for American hostility towards science, reason, and education usually falls on that of religion, or more specifically, Christianity.

Big Business And Christianity: The Reason Behind The ‘Christian Nation’ Lie

The U.S., according to our founding fathers and our supreme law of the land, is not a Christian nation.

Catholic Church Thinks It Shouldn’t Have To Pay Fines For Abuse Because Of Religious Freedom

The accusations against the Milwaukee Archdiocese involve 45 priests who are accused of molesting almost 200 deaf boys.

Sinister Law Brings Theocracy To Tennessee: The Christian Right Are Coming For Your State Next

The Christian Right have been attempting to break the separation of Church and State since at least the latter half of the 20th century.

Seven Mountains: Evangelical Christians Hope To Control Society

The primary goal is to eliminate all secular structures of society and adopt a 100% Christian perspective in all manners.