challenging religious privilege in public life



The Problem With Faith: 11 Ways Religion Is Destroying Humanity

Religion perpetuates ignorance in societies. It hinders humanity’s mental progression and, thus the quality of our lives, health and environments.

Altar Welfare: Churches Steal $71 Billion A Year From Taxpayers, Spend Little On Charity

What is particularly egregious about the tax benefits going to religious organizations is that they receive these benefits because they are charities.

Pat Robertson Warns: God Will Flood All 50 States If ‘The Gays Keep Getting Married’

According to Pat Robertson, the flooding in the Palmetto State has been so hard because of 'the gays getting married'.

America’s Founders Wanted Church And State To Be Separate And So Should You

Today we have more than just the “In God We Trust” motto to worry about it when it comes to separation of church and state.

Stop Applauding the Pope: A Word on the Misguided Praise from Progressives

Which phrase caused this sudden liberal amnesia in regards to the Vatican’s 2000-year history of getting everything wrong in the worst possible ways?

NY Bishop Rape Shames Abuse Victims: Boys Are ‘Culpable’ For Their Actions At 7 Years Old

Bishop Robert Cunningham testified in an abuse case that, in the eyes of the Church, the boys who were molested are also at fault.

Sir Patrick Stewart: ‘Assisted dying must be a fundamental right for us all’

We have no choice about how and when we come into this world, but it seems that we should be able to have a choice…

Conservative Dream Come True: 11-Year-Old Rape Victim Forced To Give Birth

Amnesty International called on Paraguay’s government to repeal its strict anti-abortion law, saying the 11-year-old girl was lucky to be alive.

Humans will be extinct in 100 years says eminent scientist

One of the world's leading scientists has made a grim prediction: He says that humans will be completely WIPED OUT in 100 years.

Glenn Beck Warns That 10,000 Pastors Are Willing To Die Opposing Marriage Equality

To hear them tell it, you’d think that the likes of Glenn Beck are going to be rounded up and tossed into prison any moment…