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Population and Environment


We should acknowledge the impact that overpopulation is having on the planet

Population limits have been so ignored that now inexpensive family planning methods will be replaced by the Grim Reaper.

Are We Humans An “Invasive Species”?

Limits to growth are exhibited everywhere, as at least half the world’s nearly 8 billion humans vie for the necessities of life.

Mother Nature Is Pissed Off – Coronavirus Is Payback

Superstitious evangelicals deny science and fact. It is time to fight not just for our own lives in this battle, but for our planet.

Endless growth is planetary suicide

Coronavirus has given us Mother Nature’s verdict and we better embrace it or face even worse continuing situations in future.

Too many experts fail to note population as our root problem

Yes, finding a vaccine deserves priority but failure to limit human numbers will continue to create what will be unsolvable problems.

Coronavirus: ‘Nature is sending us a message’, says UN environment chief

According to UN’s environment chief Inger Andersen, nature is sending us a message with the coronavirus pandemic.

Hard to be an optimist

Essentially all the problems we face can be traced to one basic cause: the explosive increase of the human population.

Trump and Too Many Leaders Continue to Ignore Our World Population Growth Menace

We can only hope for enlightenment from a future President, but delay can only produce more chance for the Four Horsemen.

In times of climate crisis, how many children should you have?

The duty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions places a limit on the number of children that one can have.

The population question: Toward a plan for global sustainability

A world with fewer people will allow for a more robust planetary ecosystem, and a higher quality of life for humans.