challenging religious privilege in public life

US leaders do not provide much hope that they can learn from the past or even from the disasters that they see in Europe.

The US population has risen from 185 million in 1965 when immigration laws were changed to 330 million, with no vote from US citizens.

When will we call an armistice to growth in human numbers by providing all with the ability to make each child a wanted child?

Why does Trump make his main message before our mid-term elections to Americans be about immigration as symbolized by these caravans?

It is already clear from decades of polling that the majority of our citizens already understand the need for reform.

The evident follies of today’s religionists or dictators are now blasted onto our visual screens daily. We know the future if we do not act.

Even religious leaders see economic and political benefit from the prospect of continued growth as good for their own tribal interests.

Neither major party in the US wants to curb the immigration influx, as elected officials are reliant on donations from their corporate masters.

Poor Europe: today as before, a stench of carrion rises from it, its past adheres to its present like a leprous mold.

On matters of policy in a sovereign state, the ousted Trump strategist says the church "is just another guy with an opinion".