challenging religious privilege in public life



Is 150 years really the limit of human life span?

While most of us can expect to live to around 80, some people defy expectations and live to be over 100.

The Catholic Inquisition And Torture

To be broken on the rack, burning alive, and hanging drawing and quartering were all death by torture.

The Hidden Dividends of Stopping Population Growth

Smaller populations have important benefits, including more honest and responsive governments and happier citizens.

UN Report Warns Earth at ‘Crossroads’ in Battle Against Global Drought Crisis

Without urgent action, an estimated 700 million people will be at risk of displacement by the end of the decade.

Science warns world of ‘ghastly’ future ahead

Humankind faces what scientists have called a threat to the Earth's living things "so great that it is difficult to grasp for even well-informed experts".

Brain-controlled computers are becoming a reality, but major hurdles remain

Imagine controlling your computer just by thinking. It sounds far-out, but real advances are happening.

Artificial intelligence will be here soon

Over the last few years I have gone from an AGI skeptic to being significantly worried about how soon it will likely come to exist.

Addressing Population Challenge Is Not Impossible

Societies can avoid a world population of 10.8 billion and related disasters – with education, contraception and emphasis on sustainability.

David Brin on the Moon, Mars & Technological Evolution in the 21st Century

America is going back to the Moon, but we should be pushing further out into the solar system - and we have the technology today.

Is Climate Change Responsible for the Conflicts We’re Seeing Around the World Today?

CNA's Military Advisory Board: Climate change poses a serious threat to U.S. national security and is becoming a "catalyst for conflict".