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Megachurch Pastor: ‘There Is No Such Thing As Separation of Church and State in the Constitution’

Robert Jeffress, one of Trump's closest spiritual advisors, claims "there is no such thing as a separation of church and state in the Constitution".

Half of evangelicals think Trump is anointed by God

The belief that President Trump is "anointed by God" has increased considerably among church goers, and now stands at 49.5 percent.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: “My first calling is to my Savior”

Mike Pompeo has been unabashed in his role as US Secretary of State to talk about his first calling to his Savior, not the Constitution.

Inside the Influential Evangelical Group Mobilizing to Reelect Trump

UIP was crucial to Trump's evangelical vote in 2016, and promises to be one of the most vital weapons in his reelection arsenal this year.

Taxpayers fund schools that deny evolution, endorse slavery and indigenous genocide

These are not crazy ideas; these are lessons from textbooks and workbooks being taught as facts in private and charter schools.

Christian TV Host Rick Wiles: “We Are Going to Impose Christian Rule in this Country”

Far-right Christian TV Host Rick Wiles has declared that Christians are going to take back America "and we are going to impose Christian rule".

The Conservative Crusade to Establish Theocracy in America

It’s not just the fringe anymore. Mainstream conservatives are trying to turn Christian scriptures and beliefs into American law.

America’s Bible Belt played down the pandemic and even cashed in. Now dozens of pastors are dead

The right to worship emerges as the battleground in a looming culture war as many congregations are hit hard by coronavirus.

Christian nationalism’s insidious hold on America is not an overnight phenomenon

The religious right is not really all that much about religious belief and thought and more about political power and social conformity.

Half of Americans say Bible should influence US laws

Half of Americans say the Bible should have "some" influence on US laws, including 23% who say it should have "a great deal" of influence.