challenging religious privilege in public life

American Theocracy

Patriotic Americans have the right not to believe in any God

It might seem paradoxical that so many Americans consider religious faith as a necessary component of American identity.

Cardinal Dolan’s Bigoted Stripes Grow Bolder As He Praises Indiana’s Mike Pence For Anti-Gay Law

Cardinal Timothy Dolan weighed in on Indiana’s pro-bigotry law on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” While he called for civility in discussions...

Why the Christian Right Wages War Against Abortion

Why is the United States, home of the original women’s liberation movement, cursed with such massive resistance to legal abortion?

An historian explains how conservative Christians lie about Thomas Jefferson and his legacy

Thomas Jefferson rejected traditional Christian beliefs such as the deity of Christ and his resurrection from the dead.

Threatening Government Shutdown, 28 GOP Men Demand Planned Parenthood Defunding

28 House Republican lawmakers are pledging to do "everything in their power" to defund Planned Parenthood this fall.

Frank Zappa Warned Us Of A Fascist Theocracy In 1986 (VIDEO)

In 1986, Frank Zappa engaged in a fiery debate about censorship based on religious morality in this classic clip from CNN’s “Crossfire”.

Dear Conservatives: Our Laws Are Not Based On The Ten Commandments

First, there’s not a single reference to Christianity anywhere in our Constitution. Heck, even a shout out to “the Creator” – but no.

Pat Robertson Calls For Establishing Biblical Law As The Law Of The Land

During his 700 Club program Pat Robertson has called for replacing the Constitution with the Bible as the law of the land.

The Origins of Vatican Power in America

To understand the population problem and the inertia currently seen in dealing with this problem, one must understand the origins of Vatican power.

Radical Right-Wing Christians and Their Terrible Plans for America

The religious right wants America to become a Christian Theocracy – a government which bases its laws on a strict biblical interpretation.