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Stephen Hawking Just Launched A $100m Hunt That Will Enrage The Christian Right

While Christian Conservatives are unable to question that life on earth stretches back farther than 5,000 years, the world’s greatest thinkers have...

Catholic website says colleges aren’t for women: ‘Learn to be a wife and mother’

In an article called “6 Reasons (+2) to NOT Send Your Daughter to College,” author Raylan Alleman explains why this is a perfectly reasonable.

Why DO conservatives hate science so much?

We have literally lobotomized ourselves. And to what do we owe this gift of dumb? Right Wing fundamentalism, both religious and political.

11 Things American Conservatives Must Stop Claiming As Persecution

#1 It’s not persecution when scientists agree on the origin of the universe and human life and those facts conflict with religious tales.

Evangelicals: God Sent Trump to Be King

Donald Trump has been sent by God to be "a vessel for the purposes of the faithful" in the role of King of the United…

Pat Robertson: Single Mothers Should Be Forced To Get Married Or They Will Go To Hell

Televangelist Pat Robertson has attacked single mothers warning that they’ll go to hell if they aren’t forced to get married.

After Listening To Women, Longtime Anti-Abortion Congressman Becomes Pro-Choice

A six term congressman and lifelong opponent of abortion rights has finally changed his mind after listening to women.

Pat Robertson: Atheist women were likely raped, and that’s why they reject Jesus

Televangelist Pat Robertson offered his views on why there are women who are atheists: They were probably raped.

Christians Point Fingers at Atheists to Cover Growing Corruption in Church

Evangelicals are constantly bellowing about America's moral decay. They could stand to take a look in the mirror.

Senior Vatican Cardinal warns ‘demonic’ transgender rights are causing the ‘death of God’

A Vatican cardinal has warned lawmakers in the United States that trans people are “demonic” and gay unions are a danger to society.