challenging religious privilege in public life

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL): “We are at the water’s edge of the argument that mainstream Christian teaching is hate speech.”

A California pastor compared women who had sex before marriage to “filthy dishrags”. “Whatever happened to purity?” he asked in the sermon.

Jeffress has said he believes God chose Trump for the job, and he has repeatedly invoked religious authority to justify Trump's policies.

According to televangelist Pat Robertson, the United States is setting itself on a course towards being “vomited out” by God.

'Family values' conservative said women who expose their breasts in public should have no problem with men gawking at or grabbing their breasts.

Paul Sanyangore, a controversial pastor from Zimbabwe, claims that he received God’s phone number from the Almighty Himself.

Psychology Today listed sixteen characteristics of sociopathic behaviors. We see examples of these kinds of behaviors in church leaders and followers.

Women should get as far away from Oklahoma as soon as possible because Christian Sharia law is about to make their lives a living hell.

How long can we ignore the true nature of Abrahamic religion? This kind of thinking does not belong in a modern democracy.

To be sure, he doesn’t believe in a law prohibiting evolutionists from holding office. He just wants the American people to simply reject them.