challenging religious privilege in public life

Trump is a master of propaganda, and in that respect he is the quintessential Republican - he truly is their leader.

In the early-50’s the US government initiated a massive, multi-pronged, multi-year campaign to demonize atheism – and it worked very well.

Recent trends reveal that the USA is becoming more authoritarian, totalitarian, and fascist. The very survival of the republic is now in doubt.

The First Amendment simply states the government can’t make a law "abridging the freedom of speech". It doesn’t specify human speech.

The worst manifestations are in universities and their cultural spill-over zones. Campuses are the training ground.

Most of the many grievances are not meant to be resolved. They are meant to fester and be used in the service of power-politics strategy.

If the Left can make itself adopt the Enlightenment commitment to rationality, then we can at least again appeal to facts and logic.

The Islamic world already has plenty of Luthers, Calvins, and Zwinglis. That is to say, it needs an Enlightenment, not more Reformation.

Postmodernism rejects the Enlightenment project in the most fundamental way – by attacking its essential philosophical themes.

We are getting better at thinking about religion, individually and socially. Compared to centuries past, more people now know how to think.