challenging religious privilege in public life



Are We Humans An “Invasive Species”?

Limits to growth are exhibited everywhere, as at least half the world’s nearly 8 billion humans vie for the necessities of life.

Mother Nature Is Pissed Off – Coronavirus Is Payback

Superstitious evangelicals deny science and fact. It is time to fight not just for our own lives in this battle, but for our planet.

Too many experts fail to note population as our root problem

Yes, finding a vaccine deserves priority but failure to limit human numbers will continue to create what will be unsolvable problems.

Women Versus Religion

It is the weak-link, Eve, who first falls prey to the talking snake and disobeys God by eating of the tree of knowledge.

The Corrosive Effect Of Christianity On Conservatives

What evangelical leaders have run into is an American electorate that is as skeptical of evangelicals as it is politicians.

Our Genetic Future Is Coming… Faster Than We Think

Our species is on the cusp of a revolution that will change every aspect of our lives but we’re hardly talking about it.

Religious Authorities Almost Always End Up Using Spiritual Opinion To Gain Political Power

An obvious example came when Ted Cruz said I am a Christian first and a citizen second! Read Tom Jefferson, Senator!

Is Sex for Reproduction About to Become Extinct?

Our ability and willingness to make genetic alterations to our future children will grow over time along with our knowledge and technological ability.

The Catholic Church broke its promise to publish a list of “credibly accused” abuser priests, so Propublica did it for them

The Catholic Church promised to end the coverup and engage in truth and reconciliation with the parishoners who'd been preyed upon by clergy.

Homo Sapiens 2.0? We need a species-wide conversation about the future of human genetic enhancement

We have all the tools we need to alter the genetic makeup of our species. The realization is inevitable. Timing is the only variable.