challenging religious privilege in public life



Fundamentalism turns 100, a landmark for the Christian Right

Since the 1980s, the movement has become increasingly sophisticated. Christian Right organizations push for laws that reflect their fundamentalist views.

Genetic screening to enhance IQ should be embraced

There could be a way of predicting – and preventing – which children will go on to have low intelligence.

Our Mad Dog President – and His Bible-Thumping Kennel Pals

These self-sanctified pomposities, pit bulls of dogma, would impose on the rest of us an illiberal hierocracy of Christian rules.

Nearly one in four Americans today is religiously unaffiliated

The Christian right energized religious voters, but Christian conservatives’ social agenda prompted other people to opt out of religion entirely.

What’s wrong with religion?

3. Religion teaches people to accept their ignorance rather than use it as a motivator for exploration and free inquiry.

How to Debunk the “Atheism Is a Religion” Argument

The Argument: Atheism is itself a religion, and a bad one at that. It asserts that there’s no god, and tries to enshrine this assertion…

Kentucky’s Attack On Abortion Rights Will Fail; Trump’s Perfidy Continues

The US Supreme Court just allowed an unnecessary, harmful Kentucky abortion restriction to take effect.

Our Genetically Engineered Future Is Closer Than You Think

Our best shared values can help us navigate the almost unimaginable opportunities and very real challenges that lie ahead.

Advancing Its War on Science, Trump Admin Blocks Fetal Tissue From Being Used in Federal Research

In a move celebrated by anti-choicers, the Trump-Pence administration has announced that it is barring government researchers from using fetal tissue.

3 things that would make me believe in a God

1. The appearance of an angel. An actual non-human being conforming to supernatural existence available for scientific study.