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5 Lies About Abortion – and the Truth Behind Them

To win the rhetoric war, the left must continue to push back against the right’s lies. Forced birthers have never cared about human lives.

Women Have Fought to Legalize Reproductive Rights for Nearly Two Centuries

Women beginning in the 1840s openly deplored women’s subjugation before the law - which, of course, was created and deployed by men.

The Secret Money Behind the Push to Ban Abortion

Carrie Severino leads the Judicial Crisis Network, a nonprofit that has spent millions of dollars promoting conservative judges.

Let’s be clear: There is no moderate position among Republicans who would force women to give birth

There is nothing moderate about telling any woman that she has to give up her body to the demands of the state.

Abortion: There Is No Ethical Dilemma

The onset of a defined human life appears to be when foetal brain activity begins to exhibit regular and sustained activity.

Debunking the Right’s Abortion Lies: 6 Anti-Choice Abortion Myths

Anti-choicers insist that abortion is misogyny and women suffer immensely after aborting their fetuses. They’re the real good guys, they say.

Two Years In, Trump’s Global Gag Rule Responsible for ‘Immeasurable Suffering and Death’ Around World

The Global Gag Rule that Trump signed into policy two years ago is closing clinics around the world, putting real lives at risk.

Early or Late, Abortion Should Always Be a Woman’s Choice

From the state level to federal policy, Republicans have managed to pass restrictions on reproductive health and its funding.

The war of Christian fundamentalists against women

Christian fundamentalists are very similar in the ideology and misogyny toward women as that of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Kavanaugh calls contraception ‘abortion-inducing’ – just like anti-choice groups who support him do

Kavanaugh referred to birth control as an ‘abortion-inducing drug,’ which is not just flat-out wrong, but is anti-woman, anti-science propaganda.