challenging religious privilege in public life



Evangelicals and the antiabortion movement

Not so long ago white evangelical Christians were completely indifferent on the issue of abortion. So what happened?

Ohio GOP lawmakers want to ban all abortions, charge doctors who perform them with murder

A fetus would be legally considered a person, and those performing an abortion could be charged with aggravated murder, under a new bill.

The Rule of Law and how Abortion and Slavery are intimately connected

If following the rule of law is tied to obeying a belief system that kills women then the rule of law is wrong.

Resist, persist and take the long view

Here’s the thing: We actually are making progress on abortion. There are signs, for example, that religion is diminishing as an oppositional force.

The Forgotten Father of the Abortion Rights Movement

Bill Baird's aggressive, often illegal form of activism can teach a new generation about combating anti-abortion forces.

When does life begin?

The solution to the political and intellectual log jam is best solved by individuals, not by the Supreme Court.

Trump Continues His Assault On Poor Women

The Trump administration has punched a massive hole in the US family planning programme by driving out many health care providers.

How a Generic Abortion Pill Could Revolutionize Abortion

For women who want to get around their state’s telemedicine abortion bans, there may be another option.

How FDA Keeps Safe Birth Control Options From Women

The FDA has arbitrarily impeded a well proven, safe way for women to do very early medical abortions in the privacy of their own homes.

5 Lies About Abortion – and the Truth Behind Them

To win the rhetoric war, the left must continue to push back against the right’s lies. Forced birthers have never cared about human lives.