challenging religious privilege in public life



Trump-linked US Christian fundamentalists pour millions of ‘dark money’ into Europe

Christian fundamentalists linked to the Trump administration have ties to ‘dark money’ poured into Europe over the last decade.

This Is Your Brain On Authoritarianism

There are people who simply cannot comprehend the concept of equality. They are either above you, or below you and quite obsequious.

Right Wing Hate Group Urges Churches To Reopen

The Liberty Counsel, a religious-right hate group, has launched a campaign calling on churches to open again on Sunday, May 3.

The real victims of the COVID-19 pandemic: conservative evangelical leaders, apparently

A core premise of the evangelical far right is, after all, that they are oppressed. They are more oppressed than anyone else.

Louisiana megachurch pastor urges followers to give their stimulus checks to churches

Pastor Tony Spell, who defied coronavirus lockdowns to hold church services, is urging followers to give their stimulus checks to churches.

The conservative lurch toward propagandism and conspiracy theory now turns deadly

There are specific demographics that appear to be especially resistant to public health advice during a crisis. We will call them the Fox News demographic.

The worst right-wing conservative Christian responses to the coronavirus pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, the response of right-wing conservative Christians is outrageously damaging.

The Corrosive Effect Of Christianity On Conservatives

What evangelical leaders have run into is an American electorate that is as skeptical of evangelicals as it is politicians.

Our Mad Dog President – and His Bible-Thumping Kennel Pals

These self-sanctified pomposities, pit bulls of dogma, would impose on the rest of us an illiberal hierocracy of Christian rules.

Revealed: controversial plan to boost religious lobby in Brussels, as far right pledges to fight for ‘Christian Europe’

A leaked report reveals a controversial plan to dramatically increase the influence of religious groups on the European Parliament.