challenging religious privilege in public life



Our Mad Dog President – and His Bible-Thumping Kennel Pals

These self-sanctified pomposities, pit bulls of dogma, would impose on the rest of us an illiberal hierocracy of Christian rules.

Revealed: controversial plan to boost religious lobby in Brussels, as far right pledges to fight for ‘Christian Europe’

A leaked report reveals a controversial plan to dramatically increase the influence of religious groups on the European Parliament.

GOP Virginia Candidate: ‘Ankle Bracelets’ to Curb Abortion (VIDEO)

A Virginia GOP candidate compared gun control to forcing pregnant people to wear “ankle bracelets” to prevent abortions.

The Trump voters who ‘just want to watch the world burn’ (and all of us along with it)

What could have resulted in a population so embittered, aloof, and indifferent to others that they “just want to watch the world burn?”

Conservative commentator: trans people will replace humanity with ‘New Species’ that’s ‘Human and Part Machine’

A guest on The Laura Ingraham Podcast has claimed that transgender people are trying to use social engineering to create a new species.

Christian host – Dems will slaughter Christians and preachers if they win

Rick Wiles warns that if Democrats ever gain control over the government, they will begin slaughtering Christians by the thousands.

Wingnut Pastor: ‘God Is Burning Down California’ For ‘Legitimizing Sin of Homosexuality’

Pastor Kevin Swanson has declared that the Almighty is burning down California for being in the forefront of legitimizing the sin of homosexuality.

How Chief Justice Roberts helped Kavanaugh with those ethics complaints

Kavanaugh lobbied in support of a controversial judge who is now tasked with reviewing ethics complaints filed against him.

Mississippi pastor-turned-teacher tells history class that atheists are fools for not believing in God

A Mississippi public school teacher blatantly violated the religious liberty of his students by trying to indoctrinate them by insulting atheists.

How California’s megachurches changed Christian culture

California has more megachurches than any other state: Over 200 theologically conservative churches with at least 2,000 weekly attenders.