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National Prayer Breakfast: What does its history reveal?

The National Prayer Breakfast has grown steadily over the years – from 400 attendees to close to 4,000.

Sean Hannity Just Said Child Molestation Is OK If It’s ‘Consensual’

Republicans think it’s perfectly cool to defend GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore after news broke that he allegedly molested a 14-year-old girl.

Tenn. pastor: Imprison women for abortions because that’s what we do to bald eagle murderers

Tennessee Pastor Ben Bailey thinks abortions should result in fines and imprisonment, just like the killing of endangered species does.

Trump Judicial Nominee: Transgender Children Are Part Of ‘Satan’s Plan’ Of ‘Destruction’

Jeff Mateer, who has been nominated by Donald Trump for a federal judgeship, called transgender children part of “Satan’s plan”.

Christian Right Leaders: God Turned Houston Into a Lake Because of Abortion and Gays

One of the sure things when a disaster strikes is that religious right leaders will open their mouths, stick in their feet, and jam them…

The GOP’s Obsession With The Prosperity Gospel

Today’s GOP is a radical cult. And they are only interested in doing the will of the God they have created in their own image.

Creationist claims that ‘satanic giants’ built Stonehenge

Satan created these demon giants because he wanted to “have his own seed and make his own family” who would attack Israel.

Catholic Right Leader Unapologetic about Call for ‘Death to Liberal Professors’

Catholic Right leader Austin Ruse said on a national radio program that university leaders “should all be taken out and shot”.

Christians Aboard the Trump-Train

What beggars belief is the way church leaders, even moderate ones, continue to respond to Trump with latherings of soft-soap.

The March of Christian Dominionism: Where Did It Come From and How Does It Work?

Consistency is not a strong point for Dominionists and it doesn’t need to be - as long as they keep their flock angry and afraid.