challenging religious privilege in public life



Study: Atheists are nicer to Christians than Christians are to Atheists

A study from Ohio University provides evidence that atheists behave more fairly towards Christians than Christians behave towards atheists.

The 5 best reasons atheists don’t believe in God

Belief in God is a product of upbringing, societal and cultural convention, a desire for comfort and intellectual laziness.

This Is Your Brain On Authoritarianism

There are people who simply cannot comprehend the concept of equality. They are either above you, or below you and quite obsequious.

Beware Theologians, the Creators of False Hopes: Neither Divine Favors Nor Life After Death Exists

The alternative is to consider the facts of science and the overload of reason that strongly indicates life is meaningless.

Blind Faith In Religion Destroys Our Ability To Critically Think For Ourselves

What kind of God, all knowing, all powerful, supposedly merciful God, would condone mass genocide and servitude?

Debunking The Core Of Christianity

If you want to look for one verse that encapsulates the gist of Christianity, it’s hard to find something better than John 3:16.

Religious decline was the key to economic development in the 20th century

The message is crystal clear: secularisation occurs before economic development and not after it. A respect for individual rights set countries apart.

Nearly one in four Americans today is religiously unaffiliated

The Christian right energized religious voters, but Christian conservatives’ social agenda prompted other people to opt out of religion entirely.

What’s wrong with religion?

3. Religion teaches people to accept their ignorance rather than use it as a motivator for exploration and free inquiry.

How to Debunk the “Atheism Is a Religion” Argument

The Argument: Atheism is itself a religion, and a bad one at that. It asserts that there’s no god, and tries to enshrine this assertion…