challenging religious privilege in public life



What’s wrong with religion?

3. Religion teaches people to accept their ignorance rather than use it as a motivator for exploration and free inquiry.

How to Debunk the “Atheism Is a Religion” Argument

The Argument: Atheism is itself a religion, and a bad one at that. It asserts that there’s no god, and tries to enshrine this assertion…

Common Sense Would Dispel Religion

In the end, if common sense is used, we will discount the whole of the Christian religion as a mass of mythological stories.

3 things that would make me believe in a God

1. The appearance of an angel. An actual non-human being conforming to supernatural existence available for scientific study.

Was Jesus Real?

The conclusion is inescapable. Jesus never existed. It might shock the average Christian, but as you see, it's not so ridiculous an assertion after all.

God confesses: Religion, not my best idea to be honest

The Lord God, the most high, majestic creator of Heaven and Earth has admitted his invention of religion was 'just plain stupid'.

Don’t try to Reason with Deliberate Ignorance

In March 2018, Pope Francis said there is no hell. He said those souls who do not accept Christ will "disappear".

The Mythology Test (Does Your Religion Pass?)

If you can find examples of at least half the items on this list in a religious book, then it's mythology.

When does life begin?

The solution to the political and intellectual log jam is best solved by individuals, not by the Supreme Court.

Christians, Your Bible Shows God Is Not Pro-Life

The truth is that the bible does not endorse the fundamentalist Christian assault on women’s reproductive health.