challenging religious privilege in public life



God’s not quite dead but wealth, education and evolution have inflicted fatal wounds

If our environment continues to improve, then Christianity and other moralising religions could eventually vanish.

The Concept of God or the Intelligent Creator Is an Extremely Stupid Concept. Here’s Why

If a creator has unlimited resources then why should any creator let its creations be killed to feed some of its other creations?

Can We Avoid Insulting Believers?

Skeptics face a quandary: When we declare that supernatural dogmas are false fairy tales, believers may feel bitterly insulted.

A short travel into the struggles that won us the freedom from religion

Separation of church and state was locked into the First Amendment of America’s Bill of Rights.

America’s Functional Atheism

Fundamentalists are shriveling to an unappetizing fringe, while the rest of America increasingly lives by functional atheism.

The Appalling Awfulness of Religious Hypocrisy

Religion was supposed to make people feel calmer and better about life. Instead religion is leading to the destruction of humans.

Religion Screws Society!

In the US, most God-fearing Jesus Jumpers claim to be experts on morality, and desire to inflict their views on others through legislation.

How socialism helped to seed the landscape of modern religion

Early socialists sought to create a ‘synthesis’ of religion, science and philosophy to counter the Enlightenment.

Jesus wasn’t as nice as people make him out to be

Face it: Jesus was a prude. He was just like all the other conservative first-century Jews. He was a product of his environment.

Soul Doesn’t Exist And The Answer Lies In Consciousness

People who don’t believe in souls or afterlife are often asked this question. What happens when we die and where does the soul go?