challenging religious privilege in public life



Catholic Church and the Preoccupation with Power

The Catholic Church's preoccupation with power stems from some of the most sensitive and important social issues of our day.

The Once-Great Islam’s Great Decline

Look at any culture that lauds its past, and you’ll find a culture that’s been defeated, beaten back, or overrun.

Sex and God: Is Religion Twisted?

It would take an army of historians to pinpoint all the reasons why Western religion developed such antagonism toward human sexuality.

The Vatican’s leading role in the crushing of Spain’s secular republic

In 1931, Spain became the Republic of Spain, a liberal democracy. The Vatican feared for the Church’s very survival in Spain.

The Power of Religion

The power of religion extends beyond money, political power and media control. Religion has woven itself into the fabric of our society.

How to Modernize Religious Traditions

Moral autonomy and the rejection of divine command ethics are possible within the framework of a religious worldview.

Why Does the Muslim World Lag in Science?

By any index, the Muslim world produces a disproportionately small amount of scientific output, and much of it relatively low in quality.

Kant’s Legacy in Nineteenth-Century German Theology

The doctrine of moral autonomy is described as the main contribution of the Enlightenment to the cultural heritage of mankind.

How the Catholic Church Doomed a U.S. Population Policy

Every year since 1975 has witnessed a diminishing commitment of the United States to both domestic and world population growth control.

Anti-Semitic Hate Speech in the Name of Islam

Antisemitic messages from satellite channels like the Hamas-run Al-Aqsa are helping to bring a message of hate and intolerance to Europe.