challenging religious privilege in public life



“Radical Reinvention”: A Book about a Religion Requiring a Rejection of Reason

Many of us instinctively use amulets–trinkets that we believe will bring us good luck or fend of ill fortune. Is religion the ultimate amulet?

Does Being Famous Make Dying with Dignity Harder? Here Is Arial Sharon’s Case!

Readers of my December 13, 2013 op ed on dying with dignity might recall my point that Nelson Mandela was quite possibly kept alive for…

Religious Suppressionists Everywhere Beware Of Rising Liberal Egocentrism

How long, Oh Lord (or is that Allah?), say the screamers for reactionary policies inflicted on women worldwide and in the USA, before we can…

An Open Letter from a Patriotic Democrat to Suicidal Republicans

President Obama’s flippant lies about immigration enforcement belie the reality that he knows he is plotting to “fundamentally transform”...

Did African Americans Properly Evoke Religion In Their Demand For Civil Rights?

Will African Americans vote to sustain the American Dream for which they fought so correctly and valiantly? Like the dream Martin Luther King envisioned when…

Going The New Pope’s Way Still Undermines Our Precious Secular Freedoms

The predominant religions of the world are male dominated and monotheistic; let’s call them the MDMRs. America’s founders were mainly deists or atheists.

NY Times Columnist Likes Governor Perry’s War On Women

If you are paid to write something daily, you can’t help but have days really reaching for something intelligent to say. Thus the number of…

Power People Dismiss Or Ignore Predictable Catastrophic Population Proliferation

After decades of feckless government mismanagement of immigration and intensive lobbying by the Catholic Church and Hispanic advocacy groups, we added over 100 million new…

Snowden Case Raises Complex Loyalty Issues, oddly perhaps about Planetary Survival

A hundred years from now could there be a new reformation which would take some form of universal atheism or humanism?

Bush 43 Dedicates His Library As Boston Terrorists Reflect His Legacy

We need a world wide commitment to reducing human numbers as humanely are possible. I am not an optimist on this possibility.