challenging religious privilege in public life



The Long, Slow Death of Religion

White evangelicals tipped the 2016 presidential election to Trump but, like most religious groups, face a shrinking future.

The Burqa Challenge to Europe

The veil is first of all an instrument of men’s power over women. It is not an accident that men do not wear the veil.

Holy Horrors: The Inquisition

The victim was required not only to confess that he was a heretic, but also to accuse his children, wife, friends, and others as fellow…

Holy Horrors: Witch-Hunts

During the 1400s, the Inquisition shifted its focus toward witchcraft, and the next 300 years witnessed a bizarre orgy of religious delusion.

Psychological Harms of Bible-Believing Christianity

In Bible-believing Christianity, psychological mind-control mechanisms are coupled with beliefs from the Iron Age.

Captive Virgins, Polygamy, Sex Slaves: What Marriage Would Look Like if We Actually Followed the Bible

Since many Christians haven’t read the whole Bible, most “Bible believers” are not, as they like to claim, actually Bible believers.

If the Bible Were Law, Would You Qualify for the Death Penalty?

Working on the Sabbath: “Whosoever doeth any work in the Sabbath day, he shall surely be put to death.” Exodus 31:15

Twenty Vile Quotes Against Women By Church Leaders from St. Augustine to Pat Robertson

Even the media’s most unabashed misogynists are tame compared to some of the biggest names in Christian history.

Christians Point Fingers at Atheists to Cover Growing Corruption in Church

Evangelicals are constantly bellowing about America's moral decay. They could stand to take a look in the mirror.

A person with integrity doesn’t claim to know supernatural things

An honest person wants solid evidence to support assertions, and is leery of baseless claims. Therefore, skeptics are most honest of all.