challenging religious privilege in public life



From censorship by government to censorship by terrorism

The west has a long history of people getting into serious trouble for speaking ill of objects of religious veneration, even before Christianity.

Faith and Ethics: The Story of Jephtha

In an age of international religious terrorism divine command morality poses considerable problems for the maintenance of the political order.

What Judaism, Christendom, and Islam Have in Common: Theism

Judaism, Christendom, and Islam differ in some aspects. But none of these differences can hide the similarity in their understanding of God.

Moral and Political Secularism

The critic must be able to place himself or herself over against the religious tradition. That presupposes what may be called moral autonomy.

Is There Another Way to Discover the Truth than by Free Discussion?

Many people (including the Pope) think that if speech is left free, false views will generally be more easily adopted than true ones.

Intolerance not Restricted to Islam

What should be the state and society’s reaction to these assaults on the principle of freedom of speech by religiously motivated zealots?

The Limits of Free Speech

For fear of a “Clash of Civilizations”, the Western world increasingly backs down on human rights, and freedom of speech in particular.

Freedom of speech as the second pillar of freethought

What should the reaction of open or liberal societies be to the assault we experience on the principles on which they are based?

Freethinkers are right to contend that religion deserves to be criticized

Some people think religion has no real influence on what happens in the world. This group is composed of believers and unbelievers alike.

Can Translation Mitigate All Immoral Passages in Scripture?

For apologists of religion, the violence in Scripture is only superficially there. It has to do with the "translation" of the text in question.