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Republican Elites Failed The Full Disclosure Test

The balance of power of our two party system has proved our bulwark against the kind of overt stupidity that humanity is capable of.

Both Parties Fail American Citizens And Democracy

Many young people like Bernie Sanders. Likewise, many young people must find Donald Trump’s immigration message appealing.

Real Immigration Reform After Paris Now #1 Domestic Goal

The radical Islamic forces have now made The West a vulnerable target and the United States is obviously number one on their list.

Roy Beck’s Immigration Video Underlines Our Major Parties’ Greed

In all the hype of the Pope’s visit, this impossible immigration situation never gets brought up by the media because the elites in both parties...

Democrat Says: Trump Trumps The Root of All Evils With Immigration Patriotism

Most Americans understand mass immigration will destroy their future. However, the costs of immigration are sometimes hard to identify.

American Citizens Caught Between Rapid Automation and Vast Legal and Illegal Immigration

The lack of the plentiful jobs once enjoyed in this country will seem a minor discomfort compared to where the world and our beloved USA…

Automation Makes Our Open Border Immigration Policy Insane

Oxford University researchers found that 47% of the labor market in the US alone is at risk of being mechanized out of existence.

Read Here Three Powerful Stories Which Again Confirm The Urgent Need For Real Immigration Reform

At the present pace, the USA will have half a billion people by 2050 and fewer jobs as businesses continue their rapid automation efforts.

Can Big Media Trump Donald With More Big Lies About Immigration?

Since 1965 when major changes in our immigration law were made, our population has doubled to 325 million without any vote by us citizens.

How the Big Seven Open Border Powerhouses Foist the Big Lie About Immigration On American Citizens

The Big Seven has seen the particular advantage of joining in a common cause, namely silence, about the immigration issue being used against us.