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Democrat On The Triumph Of Trump: MSM May Kill The Messenger – But Not The Message

The overwhelming silent majority of American citizens who are immigration patriots have been wondering for years what's happening.

Adios America, Can Any Presidential Candidate Now Running Fix the Immigration Situation?

It is the power structure of business, the ethnic lobbies, and the Roman Catholic hierarchy that has bamboozled American citizens into silence.

Democrat Says ADIOS AMERICA Could Be The “Common Sense” Bombshell Of Our Time

Since 1965, the population of the USA has been doubled without a vote of its citizens. While most of us never wanted this immigration invasion...

Democrat Rejoices As Labor Shows Some Sign (Finally!) Of Returning To Samuel Gompers Immigration Patriot Tradition

In a globalized economy, American workers are trapped in a “race to the bottom” as businesses outsource whatever they can.

Why Black Leaders Must Realize That Urban Violence Stems Partly From Bad Immigration Policies

Now with the emergence of riots in Baltimore over the Baltimore Police Department’s handling of Freddie Gray, Americans should focus...

Immigration: One “Root Cause” of Baltimore Riots Not Mentioned by the Left

We are besieged by corrupt special interests screaming for more mass immigration and open borders that will continue to divide and weaken us.

Are US Citizens Becoming Refugees in Our Own Country?

As violence escalates around the world one cannot help but ask the question, “Are US citizens becoming refugees in our own country?”

Democrat Asks: Where Is The Catholic Right On Immigration?

The Catholic Church’s advocacy of mass immigration undermines and undoes anything it does to combat poverty or help workers.

Frank Morris Speaks For African-Americans On Immigration

Let’s face it, America’s immigration control system has collapsed. The rule of law no longer prevails. And the least fortunate Americans...

Race, Religion and Rapacity Likely Will Doom Our Republic

The moderate, middle of the road average US citizen has to be scratching his or her head when they read what our leadership is willing…