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Brave NGO Identifies Catholic Population/Immigration Connection With Proof

What makes Guatemala so different from Mexico? A big part of the discrepancy is the role of the Catholic Church. Both Mexico and Guatemala...

Has US Immigration Reached The Tipping Point?

Americans of all races and creeds can plainly see our lifestyles are broken by crowding, pollution, increasing criminality, daily traffic jams, etc.

Democrat Says Amnesty Threatens the ‘Social Contract’

If our leaders ignore immigration law enforcement, we will inevitably see a continuing breakdown of respect for our Rule of Law.

Does Catholic Charities Want Lots of Uneducated Immigrants?

Catholic Charities apparently proved its true view of immigrants recently. It seems to want more of them, but not bright ones, especially ones...

Democrat Says Given US Unemployment, Overcrowding, Another Amnesty Now Would Be Real Chutzpah

Surely Americans of all colors, creeds and political commitments can now feel the crowding to untenable levels in our cities.

Catholic Bishops Cross Church-State Line

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has caused Catholic pulpits nationwide to urge open borders for legal and illegal aliens alike.