challenging religious privilege in public life



The Continuing Crash of Religion; What Takes Its Place?

The core values of human behaviour come not from religion but from common sense about living together without violence and hatred.

Trump Tries To Defund Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Program

The Trump Administration is willing to break the law to pursue policies driven by ideology rather than what is best for women.

Overpopulation Looming Planetary Disaster Outranks All Other Issues

The mention of the primary driver of our growing global pain, population growth, gets virtually no mention.

When Will US Leaders See the Dangers of Excess Unneeded Immigration and Act?

US leaders do not provide much hope that they can learn from the past or even from the disasters that they see in Europe.

Why Must We Continue to Keep Talking Past Solutions to Urgent Planetary Problems Such As Population Growth and Global Warming?

The population bomb is not a dud. Ehrlich's unheeded prophesy has already happened to a sad degree in many places around the planet.

Has the population bomb already exploded? Human survival: a drama in four acts?

Can exposure to rapid education enable enough changes in human behaviour to allow the survival of human life on Planet Earth?

Organized Religions Are Organized To Control Their Laities’ Lives

It is clear from the historical record that organized religions are focused on keeping their recipients in intellectual and material bondage.

The disingenuous hypocrite Pope strikes again citing woes his ideology helped create

The immigration issue and the family planning issues are conjoined by moral humanity and the need for the rule of law.

Top Trump Advisor Kellyanne Conway Will Speak at Anti-Abortion March

Kellyanne Conway has agreed to speak at the annual March for Life, one week after Donald Trump is sworn in as president.

Will Religious Beliefs Continue To Accelerate Earth’s Decent Into Hell on Earth?

Will enough of the world’s 7.4 billion (soon to be 10 billion) people come away from their collective Fantasy Lands in time to prevent Hell…