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The Urge to Radical Life Extension

There is a continued role for those who loudly declaim that the goal is to control ageing absolutely.

Activism for Longevity

There is now an emerging international social advocacy movement dedicated to extend healthy period of life.

Aging: past, present and future

Genetic studies have now firmly established that ageing is regulated by specific genes conserved from yeast to mice.

When I Am Eighty-Five

The major causes of age-related death today will be largely controlled and cured in the 2050s, at least for those in wealthier regions.

Inching Towards the Regulatory Classification of Aging as a Disease

Sizable factions within the research and advocacy communities are very interested in having aging officially classified as a disease.

It is time to classify biological aging as a disease

Whilst many ageing researchers have openly declared that the universality of the ageing process means it is not a disease, ageing fits the given medical…

Healthy Life Extension

When I mention to an audience that the first person to live to 200 has already been born – it gets quite the reaction.

Why it’s time to think of aging as an illness

Considering aging a disease or a medical condition is actually important because at stake is government approval for anti-aging drug trials.

The Curse of Aging

Unlocking the ability to attain indefinite lifespans is within reach, it would be fatuous not to stretch out and take it.

13 Reasons Why We Will Live Longer Than Our Parents

Accelerating aging research that extends healthy productive lifespans seems to be in everyone's best interests.