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Howard Bloom: My Atheism Gave Me A Mission

Turn the lens not up, not down, but inside. Train it on the inner world and its passions. Illuminate the realm where the spirits reside.

The Importance of Hugging

The societies that hugged their kids were relatively peaceful. The cultures that treated their children coldly produced brutal adults.

Why We Need Islamophobia

The idea of a Jewish world conquest is fraudulent. But the militant Islamic goal of world conquest is for real.

Plato and The Name Game

Plato was the philosopher who many experts credit with opening the gates of insight to every basic issue the modern mind has ever conceived.

The Perceptual Trick That Manufactures Devils

The Christian right have made full use of the psychological ploy with which we project our own worst tendencies onto some distant figure.

Women – Not the Peaceful Creatures You Think

Evidence from the world of our closest relatives in the primate family indicates that the cheerfully idealistic picture of women is a self-delusion.

The Greed of Genes

Despite the opinions of Montaigne, Rousseau, and their contemporary followers, modern civilization is not the generator of violence.

The Struggle For Europe

The Muslim population explosion is giving Islam’s European community a “youth bulge”, a disproportionate number of young.

A Brief History of the God Problem: Were Kepler, Galileo, and Newton Creationists?

The greats of early science were creationists. They believed in the biblical account of the creation of the world. With a few minor modifications.

Howard Bloom on Boom and Crash

Crash and boom work as an exploration-engine that generates breakthroughs, an exploration-engine that drives social change.