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What Happens to the U.S. Midwest When the Water’s Gone?

The Ogallala aquifer turned the region into America's breadbasket. Now it, and a way of life, are being drained away.

Global Warming, God and the “End Times”

For a significant number of Americans, the reality, causes and meaning of global warming are seen through the lens of their religious beliefs.

The mercury doesn’t lie: We’ve hit a troubling climate change milestone

Global warming is not a future threat - it’s the present reality, a menace not to our grandchildren but to our present civilizations.

Water shortage coming to Asia by 2050

Asia may face severe water shortage by 2050 due to rising economic activity, growing populations and climate change, MIT scientists warn.

New Research: 4 Billion People Are Facing Severe Water Scarcity

At least two-thirds of the global population - 4 billion people - live under conditions of severe water scarcity at least 1 month every year.

Dangerous global warming will happen sooner than thought – study

The world is on track to reach dangerous levels of global warming much sooner than expected, according to new Australian research.

Climate Change: The Changing Landscape

We cohabit with 5-10 million other species. However, our effect on this shared environment is astonishingly disproportionate.

15 Predictions for the next 10 years: Climate change is a reality

4. The current proposal to reduce emissions to 70% of 2010 levels will not prevent the process of cataclysmic climate change already in place.

Voluntary Birth Control Is a Climate Change Solution Nobody Wants To Talk About

Providing people worldwide with access to voluntary birth control is chiefly a moral issue that incidentally has a positive environmental effect.

Prince Charles – climate change root cause of Syrian war

The world’s failure to tackle climate change is a root cause of the civil war in Syria, terrorism and the refugee crisis.