challenging religious privilege in public life



A Plan For Humanity

What if we could not only survive, but create an existence more exquisite than we can even imagine?! What if.

Re-imagining the World’s Food Supply

We need to find a way to produce healthy food at low cost, even in times of drought or extreme weather.

Acting Before It’s Necessary: An Interstellar Lesson for Our Future

We need to keep exploring our universe, pursue things that are meaningful, and rewrite the operating system of life.

It’s Time to Update America’s Ideological Software

Slow upgrades to our ideological OSs have historically worked, but the pace of societal change now requires renewed consideration.

Beyond the Hard Drive: Encoding Data in DNA

There are horses that were frozen in permafrost in Canada for 700,000 years, and we're still able to read back the genome of that animal.

The New IQ: Interestingness Quotient

What are the most consequential areas of focus that maximally increase the probability that humanity will survive and thrive?