challenging religious privilege in public life



A Glorious Future

Humans are not an end, but a beginning. They need not fear imaginary gods, but need instead to create minds more powerful than the gods.

Is There an Afterlife?

The scientific winds are blowing against these ancient beliefs. So while immortality is logically possible, it’s easy enough to see it isn’t plausible.

Death is an Ultimate Evil

Death is one of the worst fates that can befall us, despite the consolations offered by the deathists – the lovers of death.

Christianity and Abortion: Scripture and Church Tradition

The arguments for the pro-life position are seriously deficient, while the opposing arguments are philosophically robust.

Yes, America Is Descending Into Totalitarianism

Recent trends reveal that the USA is becoming more authoritarian, totalitarian, and fascist. The very survival of the republic is now in doubt.

The Value of Philosophy

Philosophical thinking protects us against unsupported ideology, unjustified authority, unfounded beliefs, and questionable cultural values.

Science and the Meaning of Life

There is simply no way to understand anything about ourselves without understanding evolution – not our bodies, our behaviors, or our beliefs.

What Do Philosophers Think About Abortion?

The view that abortion is, with rare exceptions, seriously immoral has received little support in the recent philosophical literature.

Religion and the Meaning of Life: The Problem

The main problem with any religious answer to the question of the meaning of life is that, in general, religious beliefs are probably false.

Ethicists Generally Agree: The Pro-Life Arguments Are Worthless

The pro-life arguments fail, primarily because the fetus satisfies few if any of the necessary and sufficient conditions for personhood.