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Understanding ‘Understanding’

'Understanding' is a 'suitcase word', and just like 'intelligence', has many quite distinct meanings that are 'thrown into a suitcase'.

Personal Longevity: What can we do?

Longevity is the concept of living a vital life for a longer than normal period. Why Longevity? That’s another story… How, then?

We Don’t Have Free Will. We Have Something Better.

We have ‘self-aware, conceptual reasoning’, or SCR for short. Future machines that have SCR will also have moral agency.

Human-level AI is possible

Many people are sceptical that AI can ever achieve human-like intelligence. Key to solving the problem is having the right theory and approach.

Improved Intelligence yields Improved Morality

We actually need advanced AI to help guide us through this stage of human evolution, to help save us from ourselves.

No, you can’t get from Narrow AI to AGI

Our real long-term goal is AGI  –  systems that can think, learn, adapt, and reason as well as, or better than, humans.

On Intelligence

The current focus in AI research is on machine learning, which addresses almost none of the requirements of intelligence.

True Morality: Rational Principles for Optimal Living

Rational Ethics, or True Morality, is a system of principles that helps us both to discover what it means to live well, and to achieve…

On Human and AI Ethics

AGIs will help us improve our morality. Their intelligence will help us discover the best principles to live by, and the best goals to pursue.

AGI Checklist

Any AGI must at a minimum possess a core set of cognitive abilities  –  as a simple description of human intelligence will confirm.