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Space Travel


Expert claims that we can have space colonies orbiting the Earth in 20 years

Thousands of people could be living in floating space colonies orbiting the Earth in 20 years' time, according to a British Interplanetary Society expert.

NASA LRC Chief Scientist on AI, Mars Colonization and Spaceflight

Robots and AI will remain at the forefront of space exploration, with virtual reality allowing us to participate in their exploration.

Could Mars exploration improve life on Earth?

Sending humans to Mars is a challenge that will spark innovation and the development of new technologies and capabilities.

Astrobiologist Says Life Could Still Exist on Mars

Some astrobiologists theorise that ancient Mars presented an even more suitable environment for life than the younger version of the Earth.

The Future of Human Evolution in Space

What will humans look like in the distant future? Space travel may may affect both biological and technological changes in our species.

How life on Earth could help us find life on Mars

Perseverance and ExoMars may not be enough; a life detection mission that can sample Mars directly for signs of life may instead be needed.

How gene therapy could help astronauts survive deep space deadly radiation

NASA has turned to the fast-moving world of gene therapy to solve several potential medical issues facing astronauts on lengthy space missions.

How Space Exploration Propels Scientific Discovery, Tourism, Mining, and the Economy

It is a period of extraordinary discovery. It may be that future generations reap considerable economic benefits of space exploration.

Buzz Aldrin WARNS ‘Migration’ of Humans to Mars Matter of ‘Ultimate Survival’

Buzz Aldrin is urging the US to work towards "the great migration of humankind to Mars," as a matter of "ultimate survival" for humanity.

Greening the Red Planet

Mars has sunlight and reservoirs of water, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen. One planet lived and the other died. Perhaps we can make it live again?