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Space Travel


Moon, Mars, and Beyond

The colonists will be a young offshoot of the human tree, with the potential to evolve into a different species.

Biotechnology, synthetic biology keys to humans colonizing other planets

Living anywhere in our Solar System beyond Earth will require the same level of protection that an astronaut needs while walking in space.

Could Mars exploration improve life on Earth?

Sending humans to Mars is a challenge that will spark innovation and the development of new technologies and capabilities.

Synthetic biology crucial to human missions to Mars

In the case of Mars, a major resource that can be processed by synthetic biology is the atmosphere.

Oh the Places We Won’t Go: Humans Will Settle Mars, and Nowhere Else

Planetary Society co-founder Louis Friedman argues the Red Planet will be humanity’s final destination, but our robots could reach the stars.

Life on Mars? Will we find it? Will we colonize the Red Planet?

The planet Mars has been the focus of two ambitious projects: the search for life forms native to the planet and human colonization.

Why Mars is the next step for humanity

Wouldn't the Moon, so much nearer than Mars, be a better first step for humanity? Actually, no – it’s just too different.

How Space Exploration Propels Scientific Discovery, Tourism, Mining, and the Economy

It is a period of extraordinary discovery. It may be that future generations reap considerable economic benefits of space exploration.