challenging religious privilege in public life

The most unethical thing going on now with one of the monotheisms, Catholicism, is opposition to the use of contraception.

Blame for American hostility towards science, reason, and education usually falls on that of religion, or more specifically, Christianity.

The U.S., according to our founding fathers and our supreme law of the land, is not a Christian nation. It’s not a religious nation of…

Over the years, Religious Right groups have constructed an entire false narrative to compete with the real story of religious freedom in America.

The urgency for secular sanity that points to governments not impacted by religious dominance has never been so great.

Renowned biologist E. O. Wilson has said we should eliminate religions for the sake of human progress, as they are "dragging us down".

It might seem paradoxical that so many Americans consider religious faith as a necessary component of American identity.

That nonbelievers somehow deserve to be discriminated against is a view widely shared, particularly among Christian conservatives.

Over the course of the 20th century, many scandals have come to light despite how much the Church would like to keep them secret.